the voice of the musicians

Katya Polin

Gonzalo’s viola has a rare quality of deep and reach sound, yet a very light weight and fast reacting instrument. I love the “cello like” sound color and the volume you can produce on the bottom strings. The upper register is also quite expressive and not thin. It has the qualities of a lyrical violin sound plus vibrant viola texture to it.

Being a section leader of the Kammerorchester Basel, I have to deal with a very diverse repertoire, from 18th to 21st century music. Playing most of the time with a full gut strings setup. And with Gonzalo’s instrument I can easily switch between the different strings setup, and having the instrument reacting very fast and smooth to the changes.

As a chamber music player, I feel that this instrument has a lot of volume and support to give which is matching very well with other instruments around, and can be also quite solistic with much choice of timbres and characters.

Julia Schröeder

I got to know and play some violins, and also a viola by Gonzalo. Each instrument has its own personality and charm. I am convinced of every instrument, the wonderfully rounded sound and the free sound give a great inspiration when playing. Suitable in the big hall, warm sound and quick reaction, just what you are looking for as a professional. I wish many musicians such a great instrument, and Gonzalo much success!

Íñigo Aranzasti

I’ve been playing a Gonzalo instrument for about a year now, my encounter with him was fortuitous and ever since I met him I’ve been captivated by both his kindness and the beauty and quality of his instruments.

The Viola sounded clear, precise and warm from first contact. I have done several projects with recordings included where both fellow musicians and sound engineers have extolled the virtues of a new instrument. It is very comfortable to play despite its 42 cm. As I work on it, it expands its qualities. It has a palette of colors that allow you to approach with it music of different styles, from the earliest Baroque to the contemporary music.